If more of us valued food and cheer and song above hoarded gold, it would be a merrier world.
-J.R.R Tolkien

21 January 2011

Help me I'm a tea freak!!!

 Oops I did it again! I bought more tea!! I was visiting the Travel Fair and of course instead of booking a holiday like most people I was exploring all the foods and drinks... so tea it is. I bought six Forsman loose tea bags.
I now have 23 different types of tea at home. Insane. I do drink a lot of tea though, like six cups or more on a heavy tea drinking day. If that justifies this... I should host a tea party or something. Anyway, I thought it might be an interesting idea for a post to look what I've got. Here we go!
Women's fitness, Sweet chili, Rose and Bedtime
 I love Yogi teas, they are full of flavour and they are organic on top of that! My new favourite is the women's fitness with rosemary, nettle, rosehip and lavender. Lavender is one of my favourite scents and this tea smells heavenly! Sweet chili is Andy's favourite.
T2 French Earl grey and Turkish apple
 These boxes make me miss Australia! One of my favourite shops down under was T2, better than any candy shop. So many flavours and smells, it was AWESOME! I wish they would come to Finland too. Or I need to get someone to ship me some of the good stuff. Cause obviously I can never have enough tea.

CLIPPER; Indian chai, Green chai, Peppermint, Nettle and Detox
I'm a heavy user of Clipper's detox and peppermint teas. Detox is so tasty with flavours like raspberry and liqourice root and peppermint is just perfect after a meal. I like chai, but these are maybe not the best. When we were in India I drank lots of Chai, strong, cinnamonny, supersupersweet and goooood. It will never be the same here.
Finnish Forsman; Green jasmine, White pearl,  Liqourice, Rooibos with blood orange, India yoga chai, Russian blend(aka golden apple) and Green earl Grey
 So this is what I bought today. Amazing loose tea, we have Forsman tea at my workplace and it's very good quality. I've only tasted the jasmine and the Russian blend, which are both suberb, but I look forward to the others. Especially the blood orange rooibos! Sounds a bit different. I love liqourice so I hope I can substitute the candy with the tea.
Proper Brittish tea like.
This is Andy's stuff. I rarely drink black tea but when we lived in England it was a habit more than anything. I learned from Andy's family to make drinks to others, it's such a sweet gesture. Here it's more the "help yourself" way but in England everybody knows just how to make their loved one's cuppas. But since we've been here in Finland that habit has been forgotten. Maybe I'll make Andy a nice cuppa tea in his favourite (read OLDEST) mug when he gets home from work.
The mixed bag; Rooibos with almond and cream, Indiska chai, White tea with orange spice and Thehuone Green tea sencha sakura
 The chai and the green tea are gifts from friends, I mentioned my love for chai before (R, you know me!) and this green tea is amazing. Some green teas can have a really bitter flavour but this one is smooth and pleasant. It's flavoured with rosehip and cherry aroma. I have to visit the shop Thehuone myself one day...
The other two are new as well, but I already love the White tea with orange spice. I think white tea is going to be my next big favourite.
Cheeky tea tin and elephant tea pot
I love tea pots and would like to collect more. This one is so beautiful, from Indiska. We collect elephant related things that we find beautiful. I think it started from our trip in India and Thailand where we saw elephants for the first time, they are somehow so wise and gentle animals, yet powerful. i'm not superstitious but I like the Indian god Ganesha and how it's meant to bring good luck if you have a statue or an image of Ganesha. So in a way by collecting elephants I am trying to ensure that I will have good luck. I think it's worked pretty well so far... The story went a bit of topic there but nevermind, elephants are cool!  

Are there any other tea hoarders out there? Any recommendations?


  1. aaaaaa it's amazing, but you scare me :))))

  2. Ha, I see I'm not the only one with tea disese :D I have currently 2,5 shelves occupied by teas only ;)

  3. My favourite tea is Clipper's green tea with echinacea and citrus. Yami!

  4. I have to try that one at some point. Although I am not allowing myself to buy more tea until I've cleared some space on the tea shelf!

  5. What a tea collection - love it! Keep on the habit of making a cuppa for your loved ones. :)