If more of us valued food and cheer and song above hoarded gold, it would be a merrier world.
-J.R.R Tolkien

20 August 2012

Ravintolapäivä - Restaurant day

Ruttopuisto turned restaurant park!
So, this was the fifth Restaurant Day and finally we made it to a couple of the food stalls that were set up! If you are not familiar with the consept you should really check the official Restaurant day website. It all started last year in Helsinki and it's great to see so many people getting excited about it and hundreds of pop-up restaurants being created. Maybe next time we will come up with one of our own too...
It was unfortunate that it did rain a bit yesterday and also we were a little tired so we ended up walking to our local shopping mall where there was a small stall selling spring rolls and pork buns. Nothing for me but I was told that the spring roll was tasty. Next we set off to the centre and aimed to visit a blini stall in Ruttopuisto. Upon arrival we glanced at the queue and were determined that it wasn't worth waiting for half an hour. Luckily the park was filled with many other options and we chose to go for Mediterranean homefood and got a meze plate for 9 euros. Everything tasted good but it was maybe a bit overpriced and there could have been more (and better quality) bread. On the other hand the 2 euro chocolate bisquit pudding was heavenly and well priced. Our timing was also very good as the queue got alot longer after us.
The pictures this time were taken with my new mobile, and I'm rather happy with the quality... Nice not having to carry my SLR everywhere with me.
Chocolate bisquit pudding

Queue queue queue

I wish I had had more energy to visit more restaurant, but to be honest I think that this is more fun for the restarauteurs than the customers. Watch this space before the next restaurant day, I'll keep you informed if we are doing something! (I have oh so many great ideas at least!)

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