If more of us valued food and cheer and song above hoarded gold, it would be a merrier world.
-J.R.R Tolkien

22 October 2011

Hearty chickpea stew with mushrooms and spinach
Inspired by Movida in Melbourne

Olive oil
Can of chickpeas 
2-3 dl of vegetable stock
Chopped tomatoes or passata- optional
Fresh spinach
Fennel seeds (Cumin would also work)
Smoked paprika-optional
Couple of slices of white bread, cubed -optional

Start by sauteeing the mushrooms in the olive oil, add some salt to remove moisture from the mushrooms. 
Add garlic and onion, and after a couple of minutes the chickpeas as well. 
Add half of the stock and let simmer on a low heat. 
Don't add too much liquid unless if you want to make a soup (which wouldn't be bad either I'm sure).
Add the optional chooped tomatoes and passata and spices, as well as the bread.
The bread just gives the stew a more glutenous consistency so it's entirely optional for those more carb-conscious of us.
Taste and when the stew starts to seem ready add the spinach and mix until spinach has just wilted.

We had a similar dish when we ate at Movida in Melbourne, Australia. It's a suprisingly tasty dish, the appearance is modest to say the least but it's seriously goooooood. I didn't really use a recipe or measure things - which is how I tend to cook to be honest. I am sorry for anyone who likes accurate recipes, I'm afraid you're not going to get them from me!  It also gets better in the fridge so you can keep it for a few meals. I used the last bit of my batch for an omelette type dish with cheese and it was awesome. Could also work as a side dish. I think this is going to be a new favourite in our kitchen, hope you like it too!

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