If more of us valued food and cheer and song above hoarded gold, it would be a merrier world.
-J.R.R Tolkien

27 March 2012

Patrona- Authentic Mexican in Helsinki

 One night last week we had an opportunity for another date night and I am so happy that I remembered that the guys behind Cafe de Nopal had finally opened a new place on Annankatu 20. I managed to get a booking to Patrona for the same day, and it seemed pretty lucky as the place was packed and had to turn some walk ins away.
When we got in the decoration immediately caught my eye and I couldn't help taking pictures straight away. I love all the paintings on the walls, especially the Mexican version of the Last Supper with all sorts of characters. There were also headless chickens flying around with some Mexican wrestlers trying to catch them. Hilarious.

 The menu was more restaurant-like that the one at Cafe de Nopal, with plenty of choice. They really want the dishes to be authentic and for us that seems to be happening pretty well. There is a nice selection on wines, cocktails and beers. A lot of different tequilas.

 A sharing platter of starters; amazing guacamole, spicy prawn cocktail, Whitefish ceviche and pineapple. Fresh, moorish, tangy, creeps-up-on-you-kind-of-spicy stuff. Came with homemade totopos(?) and crackers.

 My main course was stuffed green chilis with a beany sauce and rice and plenty of tasty cheese. Looked pretty, tasted awesome. The chef brought me some fresh tortillas even though they weren't mentioned on the menu just because "In Mexico, they make a taco out of everything!", and he said how they want to provide the real experience of Mexican food. How cool is that!

 The chef had some tacos with a pork filling and a green chili sauce.
 He was rather chuffed.

 I think the dessert was a key lime pie even though the waiter called it lemon pie. But who cares, it was awesome. During the meal we tried several different drinks; prosecco, Mexican beers and  Mexican "lonkero" (me likey!!).
The service was fantastic and the guys really make this place, creating the right atmosphere that is laid back and relaxed, a bit loud and happy. The guy serving us said that it was a stressfull day and later on we were laughing cause for us they all seemed really relaxed. I think I should mention that this is not fast food, but in my opinion we never had to wait too long for anything. With quite a few drinks and three courses the bill came to just over a hundred euros, and I reckon the night was totally worth it. Gracias Patrona, we will be back!

After the meal we checked out the English Comedy Night at Apollo. We really loved the Swedish mime guy Lasse Nilsen, and the Aussie host Louis Zezeran was hilarious too. Hope we get a chance to go again at some point, the English nights are held about once a month.


  1. Hei, enpa tieda luetko enaa nain vanhoja kommentteja, mutta kiitoksia tasta postauksesta, muuten en olisi tiennyt Patronasta. Vietimme mieheni kanssa 8 tuntia Helsingissa matkallamme Madridista takaisin Singaporeen huhtikuun lopulla ja tama oli paikka, jossa ehdottomasti halusin kayda. Olen niin toivonut loytavani oikeaa meksikolaista enka meksikolaisena mainostettua tex-mexia. Ruoka olli erinomaista ja palvelu loistavaa. Olemme asuneet ulkomailla niin pitkaan, etta englanninkielinen palvelu tuntui tosi luontevalta :)

  2. Hei tei!
    Kiva että postauksesta oli hyötyä ja kiitos kommentista!
    Patrona on kyllä piristys Helsingin ravintolaelämään, tekisi itselläkin mieli taas sinne herkuttelemaan. :)

  3. Realmente es increible, como de esta manera tan ingeniosamente creativa, se esta promocionando no solamente parte de la gran tradicion culinaria mexicana, sino ademas parte de historia y herencia cultural. Muchisimas felicidade para los responsables de este proyecto.